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Hurricane Damage Claims Assistance

The recent tropical storms and hurricanes have caused damages to homes, commercial properties, and businesses along the southern border of the United States.


Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always appropriately compensate their clients for their losses. 

Hurricane Claim or Coverage Denial?

Our firm is currently accepting hurricane and storm damage claims for Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Marco.

We represent clients on a contingency fee basis. We can help you hire experts who can determine the amount of loss caused by the storm and explain your options regarding repair or replacement of the damaged property.

If Your Property Was Damaged...

Here's what to do

First:  Obtain a copy of your insurance policy. The insurance policy determines how much you can recover, who pays, and what you need to get compensated. If you cannot find a copy of your policy, request in writing a copy of your insurance policy from your insurance agent.


Second: Report the damage to your insurance provider. Some policies require that you provide the notice of property loss in writing.


Third: Protect your property from further damage. You need to mitigate your damages by taking reasonable steps to prevent further damage. An example is placing a tarp over a damaged roof to prevent further water damage to the building.


Fourth: Take pictures and videos of the damage to document property loss.

Are all policies the same?

No, there are several different types of insurance policies for residential and commercial properties.


Most insurance policies exclude flood damage. A flood insurance policy is a separate policy that covers rising water. Purchasers of homes and businesses in flood plains are typically required to buy this type of policy.


Flood policies often require the insured to submit proof of loss within sixty days. It is important to meet this deadline. A proof of loss is the formal submission of your claimed amount. 


Some All-Risk policies also exclude “wind” damage. This exclusion requires policyholders to pay extra for “wind” or “hurricane” coverage.

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Experienced with Natural Disasters

The O’Hara Law Firm has experience helping victims of natural disasters. The O’Hara Law Firm obtained the second-highest Deceptive Trade Practices Act verdict in the State of Texas in 2017 for a woman against her insurance company when it failed to properly compensate her for hail damage to her roof.


If your insurance provider has not offered to fairly compensate you, contact the hurricane claims attorneys at the O’Hara Law Firm.

Discover Your Options

There are no fees or obligations for calling us. We only receive payment when we are able to help you collect compensation for your losses or damages.

Even if you just have questions, we are here to help...

The O’Hara Law Firm is dedicated to obtaining compensation for injured victims from insurance companies and negligent businesses.

If you believe your hurricane insurance claim was improperly denied or handled improperly, contact the O’Hara Law Firm at (832) 956-1138 or complete the form.

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